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Leadership Training, Team Building, Customer Service Training, Diversity Training and Many Other Trainings, including Aging and Caregiving

The goal of Ulinski Services Advantage is to provide expert training/staff development/facilitation and consulting services tailored for your organization's needs.

Services are designed with your organization and staff in mind. Training/Facilitation is provided from a list of numerous categories. If the service is currently not listed, we can often work with you to create the training. Penn State University Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may be available if you choose. I am very proud that Linda Ulinski, RN, CDDN has joined Ulinski Services Advantage as a certified W.R.A.P.® Facilitator and a Reiki Practitioner. She is currently available evenings and weekends.

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Jim Ulinksi and a Student In addition to being President of Ulinski Services Advantage, James E. Ulinski is also an instructor for Penn State Abington, Adjunct Professor at La Salle University and teaches at ARIA School of Nursing through Penn State.

Upon acceptance of services, a request will be made for access to your Employee Manual, Policies and Procedures and Organizational Information. These materials are very helpful in tailoring services to your specific needs. These materials will not be shared with any other source.

Consulting services are also available. James E. Ulinski had over 28+ years in health care as a Regional Director, Director of Staff Development and assisting with Quality Assurance for a large ICF/MR in Pennsylvania.

Brief Bio of James E. Ulinski

President of Ulinski Services Advantage

Highly motivated and inspirational Teaching Professional with over 28 years demonstrated expertise and commitment to teaching.

Conducts presentations and programs in a wide array of topics, and participates in conferences across the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Over 35 years experience working with companies and individuals with "intellectual and developmental disabilities", including over 28 years working at a large health care agency in Pennsylvania.

Experienced consultant, staff development trainer and motivational speaker.

Masters of Arts in Sociology from Duquesne University.

Bachelor of Science in Individual and Family Studies from Penn State University.

Vietnam Veteran of U.S.M.C.

Life Member, Disabled American Veterans

Why Ulinski Services Advantage Was Created

I created Ulinski Services Advantage with the primary desire to provide exciting, informative, and fun training & staff development that could be tailored to the specific needs of companies. The training USA can provide for you is interactive and will get your staff involved. We learn more when we are actively involved in the training and the training is relevant and fun.

As a Marine veteran of Vietnam (68-69) who was lucky enough to come back safely, I realize that whatever we do, we should appreciate each day we have and to take advantage of the skills we have to help others “life is short — let’s have some fun.” Work should be taken seriously, but we still should have fun and enjoy the work we do. Workplace negativity should never be condoned!

I met my wife while I was in Vietnam. We have been happily married for over 43 years, have two sons and three beautiful grandchildren. Life has been good. I expected to die in Vietnam. Every day is an added gift for me and I want to share my knowledge and experience with others. I worked in high profile positions in health care for over 28 years and enjoyed my experiences, but realized I loved working with and teaching others more. In addition to USA, I love teaching at Penn State Abington, La Salle University and ARIA School of Nursing — through Penn State.

USA can also provide consultation services.

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