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Training Sessions Currently Available

  • Learning - Quick overview of experiential education/training.
  • Balloon Castles - 25-30 minute exercise which reflects the need for a solid foundation, planning, communication, team work, listening skills, utilizing people’s strengths/weaknesses, following directions, etc.
  • Leadership - Discussion and interaction regarding the principles, characteristics, etc. of good leaders.
  • Time Management - Discussion, interaction, techniques for effective time management.
  • Stress Management - Discussion, exercises, interaction.
  • Black Bear - Discussion and exercise reflecting the need for synergy (working together.)
  • Listening Skills (Trapped Underground) - Discussion, participation, and exercise about listening effectively, as opposed to just hearing.
  • Delegation - Discussion, methods, rationale for effective delegation.
  • Attitude and Passion - Presentation on importance of developing and keeping a positive attitude and passion for our work. Very motivating/uplifting.
  • Team Building (Jungle Escape) - Discussion on different types of teams and exercise.
  • Cat-A-Pult - 25-30 minute exercise which reflects the need for proper planning, use of tools, listening, thinking, working effectively as a team, following directions, and strategy.
  • Cave Without a Name - Consensus decision making, listening, confronting behaviors constructively, problem solving, making sound rationale decisions vs. emotional ones, synergy.
  • Intergenerational Sensitivity/Intercultural Awareness - Presentation and discussion regarding empathy, knowledge, listening, biases, motivation, and working together effectively. Covers four cohorts and the importance of understanding them.
  • Mars Surface Rover - True teams vs. Groups, multitasking, problem solving, interdependence, following directions and communication. Discussion, crossword puzzle and exercise that clearly demonstrates the difference between teams and groups.
  • The Swamp - True teams vs. groups, communication and logic. Exercise and discussion.
  • Customer Relations - Presentation and discussion. Communication, attention to detail, attitude, behavior, knowledge, empathy, listening silence, courtesy.
  • “Above and Beyond” The Art of Customer Service - More expansive version of “Customer Service”, includes exercises and provides feedback on ways to improve customer service.
  • Whaddaya Know - Reinforcement of a day's activities or a stand alone exercise that can cover any aspect or aspects of training.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - Exercise and discussion covering teamwork, and great for bringing closure to a day’s activities. Can be designed with your logo/message.
  • Brain Traps and Problem Solving - Exercises/activities and discussion about problem solving. Can also include “Tipover” (interactive problem solving).
  • Helium Stick - Great course wrap up involving teamwork and communication.
  • Minefield - 30-45 minute exercise and discussion about trust, communication, following directions and listening.
  • Alzheimer's Disease: The Disappearing Mind - Discussion and interactive presentation. Can be tailored to your audience
  • The Aging Experience - Presentation and interactive discussion about a multitude of factors all of us face. Presented in a realistic and dynamic manner.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease-Focus on the Caregiver – Presentation and interactive discussion about/for DSP’s, other professional staff (formal caregivers) and (informal caregivers) – family, friends, significant other, etc.

* All of these selections can be tailored to fit the need of your company/staff. In addition, other sessions can be developed to fit your specific needs.

Ulinski Services Advantage Training

Some typical questions asked of me:

  • Why Experiential Learning? It's fun and provides people with a unique way to learn without constant lecturing. Your staff will learn and participate more in this training.
  • What type of customers have you worked with? Construction workers, clerical staff, administrative staff, sales staff, police officers, municipal employees—including management, direct care workers, nurses, administrators and CEO's, health care agencies, etc.
  • What about cost? Cost is very comparable to services provided at seminars, but the focus is on your organization and staff---and your needs---and this is done with input into the type/s of training and mechanism's used.
  • Other Uses? Training sessions are often a great place for management to assess how well or how poorly their staff perform by observation, which is permitted.
  • Can Ulinski Services Advantage help me with my training? Yes, in our era money is very often an issue. Ulinski Services Advantage can assist your organization in providing training that will pay dividends for you.
  • How do I know what you say can be backed up? Ulinski Services Advantage can provide numerous testimonials from previous/current customers. In addition photographs of actual participants are available showing a multitude of the interactions and activities. Numerous evaluations from previous customers are available for your review.

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